never apologize for your mental things. never apologize for needing attention, or stimming, or shutting down, or dissociating, or having a manic episode, or not being able to empathize with someone.

your brain is valid, and worthy of love, and you do not need to apologize for being powerful. 

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Even though this year has been shit… I’m really lucky.

He tried for epic take off. He failed. 

stress will be the death of me.


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The dream.

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My life’s theme song as of the moment.

I have always loved this song. :”

The storm is coming but I don’t mind. People are dying, I close my blinds. All that I know is I’m breathing now. I want to change the world, instead I sleep. I want to believe in more than you and me. But all that I know is I’m breathing. All I can do is keep breathing. All we can do is keep breathing now. All we can do is keep breathing. All we can do is keep breathing now.

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Fyi I’m still alive…

They ran a bunch of tests to rule out the stuff that would be an immediate problem. Luckily all went well for the most part except that I do have a really high white blood count and they can’t figure out why I have permanent cotton mouth now. I got some fluids but I still have a dry mouth so it’s not from dehydration.

I have to go back to the hospital next week for a biopsy in nether region to make sure I don’t have uterine/cervical cancer. They also want to find my missing ovary lol I have a wandering ovary who left the premises all together. They did two different kinds of ultra sounds and couldn’t find it. Last year it had moved up and to the right but it’s not there now.

My theory on the high white blood count is that it’s from my current fibromyalgia flare. She said it could be from numerous things and one is inflammation which I’ve had in my joints for the past month. I also know I really need to get back on medication for PCOS. AND I REALLY DONT WANT THEM CUTTING SOMETHING OUT OF ME IT SOUNDS AWFUL.

Okay that’s it. I’m going to sleep.

The number one cause of death for people with Fibromyalgia is Suicide.



Tumblr has helped with a lot of petitions on We the People, and this one is extremely important to me and many other people here on Tumblr.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition that effects every part of every day life. The pain is severe and often there are a myriad of other symptoms that…

Please, please, please take one minute and sign this. This is terrifying.

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My iv sprung a leak lol

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